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Planner Decorating with Washi Tape

Of all the tools available to planners, washi tape is one of the most useful and versatile. But you may be wondering, why is it so great for planning? Whether you use it for decorating, color-coding, or headers, washi is an integral part of your layout. Planner lovers often use it along with their stickers to enhance designs, accentuate key details, and mark important events. Washi tape is attractive, fun, and has many different uses in your planner. The tape is usually made of bamboo, hemp, and other natural fibers. It comes in small rolls with a variety of colors, giving you lots of versatility for your planner. With so many designs to choose from, washi is an excellent tool for any kind of planner. As an added bonus, most forms of washi can be removed from the sheet if you decide to change your weekly spread. For decorating your planner, look for tape colors that you find appealing. There are many options available, each allowing you the freedom to create different patterns with your sticker kit. Whether you coordinate colors by months or weeks, aligning your washi color schemes will give you a beautiful, eye-catching spread. Decorating is one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of planning. With washi tape and stickers, each week can be customized especially for you. Color-coding is an excellent use for washi, and is effective for tracking all kinds of activities and information. Sections of your planner can be highlighted with similar colors in order to differentiate between areas like finances and chores. Additionally, you can use different colors of tape for certain activities throughout your planner. With color-coding, you’ll have a new organizational tool that makes your spread more attractive and easy to understand. Headers and borders may also be enhanced with

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My Planner Essentials

Planners: There are two planners that are my go-to. The first is the Erin Condren Vertical.  Get $10 off your first Erin Condren Purchase My next go-to planner is the Hobonichi Weeks. I love how many different colors and patterns there are to choose from to match your personal style. Pens: Favorite pens for Erin Condren Favorite pens for Hobonichi – for my hobo I generally stick to black pens, and add color with stickers and washi.  Washi: Favorite Small Washi Shops: The Pink Room Co. Planner Bunny Press Some of my favorite washi is from Simply Gilded.  She has a great variety of colors and patterns, and it unrolls and adheres super smooth.  Get $5 off your first purchase from Simply Gilded Stickers: Favorite Small Sticker Shops: La Petite Paper Co Jessica Hearts *Please note, this page contains affiliate links. If you choose to shop through my links, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support my business and family, so I can bring you new and exciting content. 

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Planner Decorating with Stickers

When you open your planner for the first time, it’s a safe bet that you are eager to start using it. Each blank page is filled with all kinds of possibilities, inspiring us to draw, enter schedules, or map out our next adventure. There are lots of ways to incorporate stickers into your spread, and many uses for each kind of sticker. However, there are two questions we need to answer in order to get the most out of our sticker kits. First, what is it that makes planner stickers so essential? Second, how do you tell the difference between them? The answer to the first is slightly different for everyone, but we feel confident in saying that most planners consider their stickers to be an indispensable tool. Stickers allow you the freedom to make layouts in attractive, eye-catching detail. The formatting is customizable, giving you the opportunity to style your planner in any way you choose. Stickers are visually appealing, fun to use, and have an almost endless number of applications. Without stickers, our planners just wouldn’t have that sense of fun and excitement we feel when we use them. How do you distinguish between all the different kinds of stickers? Planner stickers can be identified with two main varieties, known as decorative and functional. With both types of stickers in hand, the sky is the limit for your planner! Decorative stickers come in all shapes, sizes, and themes. There are many designs to choose from, ranging from seasonal to lifestyle-themed layouts. Decorative sticker kits are available for all planner dimensions, such as the vertical layouts for Erin Condren LifePlanner and Hobonichi Weeks. You also have the option of utilizing die cuts, which provide cute pictures and artwork that can be displayed inside a weekly spread. There are countless

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