About Us


How you helped Charlotte’s Paper Company become a reality. 

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our stickers knows that they are getting an authentic  product worthy of only the best planners.

– Catherine Bacher-Bunch
Charlotte’s Paper Company, Owner

When my daughter was born, I became a stay-at-home mom. I focused on caring for her and delighted in every minute of it. I wanted to continue to stay with her, but being a naturally creative person, I always felt the urge to continue crafting and creating, so after a year I decided to do something for myself. 

During my four years as a decorative planner, I saw that there was a void in the market for high-quality planning stickers at affordable prices. People need something that’s going to make scheduling and following a schedule more personalized, encouraging, convenient and fun. 

So, I began creating my own sticker designs and Charlotte’s Paper Company took off from there. We’ve come from sheets of simple stickers to planner kits that will lay out your entire month in beautiful fashion. 

A lot of experience and consideration goes into the design of each sticker, starting with something you’re missing from your planner kit. Checklists and activity stickers are great examples of how we try to fill real needs. Keeping your lists right there in your planner and grabbing a quick and convenient sticker to mark trash day does more than make your planner look fun. It saves you time and turns your planner into a clear and easy-to-read map of your days, weeks and months. 

Now that my daughter is two, she loves to help mommy work. She cleans my office and helps me to choose colors and designs. It’s a part of our life that we share together. She trusts me to handle the customer service aspect, so I’m dedicated to achieving a level of customer satisfaction that would make her proud. 

Contact me with any questions and concerns at any time throughout your browsing, ordering and shipping processes, and I’ll do everything I can to make sure you want to come back next time you need planning supplies. We thank you for visiting Charlotte’s Paper Company and we hope you enjoy our designs. We definitely enjoyed creating them for you.