Planner Decorating with Hobonichi Weeks

Hobonichi Techo planners are known for their minimalism and exceptional design.  With sturdy binding, elegant functional layouts, and thin Tomoe River paper that is resistant to ink bleeding, Hobonichi notebooks make planning fun and enjoyable.  There are several great options to start planning with a Hobonichi, but Weeks is one of the best choices for those new to using one of these planners.  It’s small size and intuitive layout make it a great resource to start out your planning journey.

Weeks is one of the easiest to use of all the Hobonichi Techo planners.  With its compact size and versatile design for weekly scheduling, it makes a great companion to a larger planner.  Weeks is also an excellent journaling tool when used on its own.  Journaling in one of these planners is simple.  It gives you the space you need for creating a spread that reflects your individual interests.  Having the ability to customize in a variety of ways is one reason that Weeks is such a wonderful option for planner lovers.

Of the four main varieties of Hobonichi planner, Weeks is one of the most beloved around the world.  When it was introduced in 2011, it was made to be a smaller and lighter version of the full-size Techo planner.  The layout includes a vertical column on the left page, with sections for each day of the week.  On the right page, there is gridded space for drawing, journaling, and notes.  This simple approach is one of the reasons that Weeks has become such a popular option among those who love Hobonichi planners.

Decorating and creating an attractive spread is an easy process with the Hobonichi.  Weeks is formatted so that a vertical layout fits easily into the daily sections, giving you an effective tool for planning each day.  The left side can be used for tracking appointments, events, and other important information.  On the right-hand page, there is space for lists, goals, sketches, and reminders.  Adding a washi tape border and daily labels can enhance the spread, contributing a final touch that makes it attractive and functional.

Weeks can also be formatted with a horizontal layout.  Turning daily stickers to the side and aligning them with the gridded section on the right gives a uniform appearance to the layout.  It’s an elegant way to create a spread in Weeks that feels more like a single page.  Formatting the area for lists and goals to make it more spacious is easy in the horizontal layout, and with decorative stickers your Weeks can be an excellent resource for creating a unique, personal weekly spread.

The Weeks planner is an excellent tool for organizing your thoughts, keeping track of appointments, sketching, and journaling.  The ease of customization in Weeks makes it one of the best planners for those who enjoy the simplicity of the Hobonichi Techo.  With the option to use either horizontal or vertical layouts, Weeks gives you a lot of versatility in a small and elegant planner.  Remember to enjoy each day while planning boldly, and being you.

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