Keeping A Memory Planner

It’s easy to glance at each day in your planner, and forget about all the wonderful activities you did over the course of a week.  Worse, it may feel like you are simply checking off a list before the day is over, without appreciating where you have been.  Fortunately for planners, there is a fun and easy way to start acknowledging these moments without letting them be forgotten.  Memory planning gives you the opportunity to keep track of special events and activities, while still planning according to your needs each day.  It helps you transform your planner into a miniature scrapbook, with the freedom to plan your way.

Memory planning is all about keeping track of the fun adventures that you want to remember, without having it become another line or bullet point in your journal.  It could be anything from a weekend hiking trip to a birthday celebration.  This is a great opportunity to showcase photos in your planner, which can be added in the memory section for display.  With photos and memorable descriptions of each activity, your planner becomes a reminder of all the fun you had.

Most planners are generally customizable to your needs, allowing you to add a memory section almost anywhere you choose.  In a weekly spread with sections for each day, your memory planning space can be added below your regular list of chores and appointments.  This gives you room to write notes about the activity you would like to remember, or add a fun picture of you and your friends.  This is a space that’s just for you to include information that you may want to remember about your activity.  Quotes and stories can be used, giving a memorable caption for the photos you have chosen.

To include photos in your memory planner, make sure you use the Sprocket printer by Hewlett-Packard.  While it gives you a quality photo, this printer is also excellent for photo stickers.  The  Sprocket makes photos that are sized just right for your memory section, and gives each photo a sticky backing.  With photos that are easy to insert into your journal, the Sprocket will enhance your memory planning experience.  It also gives you a tool that can be used in all sorts of creative ways for the rest of your planning journey.

Once you get started with memory planning, you may find it challenging to decide which memories to include.  Consider the option of using a separate journal for memory planning, which gives you more space to add photos and extra information.  When you look back on fun activities like a trip to the beach, you’ll appreciate it more if you have spent extra time journaling about it.  Planning becomes a reminder of all the ways you enjoy spending your time, instead of a list of to-do’s and obligations.  

Remember that planning isn’t supposed to be just another chore.  It should be fun, engaging, and creative.  Planning is meant to give you tools to enhance your life, organize it effectively, and learn as you go.  Memory planning is an excellent way to make planning a reflection of you are, by showing where you have been.  Whether it’s a small section of your weekly layout or given its own space in a journal, these good memories are essential to remember.  Don’t forget the ones you’ve made as you plan boldly, and be you.

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