An Introduction to Traveler’s Notebooks

A versatile, user-friendly planner is essential in order to enjoy the process of creating your weekly spread, and getting the most out of it.  For elegance and flexibility, Traveler’s Notebooks offer some of the best options among all the planners that I have reviewed on this blog.  These attractive Japanese notebooks use page inserts, which can be added, removed, or switched to another section of your binder.  This versatility gives you the option of using the same notebook over and over, while saving each entry you have made throughout the year.  If you need the opportunity for customization in your planner, Traveler’s Notebooks are in a league of their own.

With Traveler’s Notebooks, there is no standard sizing or binding. However, most are known for having leather covers, elastic bands, and high-quality Midori Diary paper.  This paper originated in Japan, and is known for its resistance to ink-bleeding and staining.  Some versions of the Traveler’s Notebook use Tomoe River paper, which has thinner sheets.  In the Traveler’s Notebook family, there are many varieties of paper inserts and layouts to choose from.  Ranging from gridded lines to blank pages, you will have every possible option to use in your notebook.  For planning, there are layouts for monthly, weekly, and daily entries that can be used in almost every size that is offered.

A typical notebook has a simple, elegant, and eye-catching layout.  With leather binding and functional elastic bands, these notebooks are sturdy and easy to use.  Traveler’s Notebooks have page inserts, which come in a variety of layout options.  These include lines, blank pages, grids, and dot grids with paper choices such as lightweight and sketch.  Other types of speciality paper can be used for watercoloring and scrapbooking, making these inserts a versatile memento of your adventures, notes, and sketches.  You’ll be able to use the notebooks in almost every aspect of planning, scrapbooking, and journaling.

One option that stands out among Traveler’s Notebooks is the Passport.  This is a smaller notebook that has many different inserts to choose from, all smaller in size for a notebook that looks similar to a booklet.  The Passport is a convenient, lightweight, and versatile journal that can be used for adventures, daily journaling, and memory planning.  With the convenience of adding a new insert, you won’t have to purchase a new cover every time you fill it with notes and photos.

The notebooks also have many different accessories, which can enhance your experience of using them.  Ranging from binder clips and bands to storage binders for your inserts, Traveler’s Notebooks offer a lot of essential tools to make the ideal planner for you.  Whether you choose a passport size or one that is larger, there are enough paper and layout options to create almost any customization that you can imagine.  With Traveler’s Notebooks, you get to choose how you plan, how your layout is arranged, and what kind of paper you use.  Have fun journaling with these notebooks, and remember to plan boldly and be you.

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