A Guide to Minimalistic Planning

Most of us enjoy decorating our planners extravagantly, using our favorite sticker kits to create a detailed weekly spread.   However, there are times where you will want a more basic approach to reflecting on your day.  With essential tools such as pens, miniature stickers, and washi tape, there are lots of options for day-to-day journaling and note taking in your planner.  Headers, borders, and decorations can be made with basic craft items.  Knowing how to utilize your tools will give you more flexibility and confidence in using your planner, and make it easier to organize your thoughts on a daily basis.

One way to start minimalistic planning is to create your own headers and banners.  These can be hand-drawn with black pens, which help give your planner a look that is unique and personal to you.  Using straight lines, zig-zags, and other basic shapes, each layout can be organized in a way that reflects your own style.  This is a time to get creative, so try new shapes and patterns for your spread.  Practice drawing a few different kinds of lines with your pen, such as arrows, waves, and dotted lines.  You’ll develop more confidence in your artistic ability, while also having fun!

Borders are created in a similar fashion, through the use of lines and patterns.  You have the freedom to draw these in all kinds of different ways.  Try sketching a unique drawing of your favorite animal, bird, or place to visit.  Once you allow yourself the freedom to be creative with a more limited set of tools, you will find that you have more ways to express yourself than you ever imagined possible.  Adding borders to your weekly layout gives you a more structured and decorative element to your journaling, which helps give the spread a more attractive appearance.

Miniature stickers with simple shapes and designs give you more interesting and fun options for decorating and organizing your planner.  Dot stickers can be used to help identify events, lists, and bullet points in your journal.  These can be arranged to decorate your planner in all sorts of colorful ways.  Mini-stickers are an easy way to start decorating, and provide an element of cheer to complement your writing.  This is especially true if you are not sure where to begin with all of the different sticker options that are available.

These are just some of the many ways to start organizing and decorating with your pens, mini-stickers, and washi tape.  With a basic set of tools, you’ll be able to create unique journal entries that reflect your individual style and personal taste.  Remember to practice drawing lines and shapes, including arrows, chevrons, wavy lines, and dotted lines.  Use a black pen and colored pens to give your layout a variety of design elements, and incorporate washi tape and dotted stickers for borders, headers, and decorations.  Have fun using these tools for planning and organizing, and remember to plan boldly and be you.

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