Planner Decorating with Washi Tape

Of all the tools available to planners, washi tape is one of the most useful and versatile. But you may be wondering, why is it so great for planning? Whether you use it for decorating, color-coding, or headers, washi is an integral part of your layout. Planner lovers often use it along with their stickers to enhance designs, accentuate key details, and mark important events. Washi tape is attractive, fun, and has many different uses in your planner.

The tape is usually made of bamboo, hemp, and other natural fibers. It comes in small rolls with a variety of colors, giving you lots of versatility for your planner. With so many designs to choose from, washi is an excellent tool for any kind of planner. As an added bonus, most forms of washi can be removed from the sheet if you decide to change your weekly spread.

For decorating your planner, look for tape colors that you find appealing. There are many options available, each allowing you the freedom to create different patterns with your sticker kit. Whether you coordinate colors by months or weeks, aligning your washi color schemes will give you a beautiful, eye-catching spread. Decorating is one of the most fun and rewarding aspects of planning. With washi tape and stickers, each week can be customized especially for you.

Color-coding is an excellent use for washi, and is effective for tracking all kinds of activities and information. Sections of your planner can be highlighted with similar colors in order to differentiate between areas like finances and chores. Additionally, you can use different colors of tape for certain activities throughout your planner. With color-coding, you’ll have a new organizational tool that makes your spread more attractive and easy to understand.

Headers and borders may also be enhanced with washi. The tape can be used with corresponding sticker kits to show off items you have listed, or emphasize important information. Some of the best ideas that we’ve seen include adding borders to packing lists, calendars, and spaces to place a checkmark for activities.

Once you’ve explored some basic uses for tape in your planner, you’ll be ready to branch out and try more advanced techniques. Items such as bookmarks, page dividers, and flip-out pages give you more functional uses for planning throughout the day. Each of these items can be made with tape, and designed by you according to your own needs. Stickers can also be made with washi, giving you more options for utilizing them with your decorative and functional sticker kits.

The applications for washi tape are almost endless, so much so that you may find it overwhelming at first. Thankfully, there are as many tape designs and colors as there are uses for them. Washi can be found in craft stores, online handcrafted shops, and major online retailers like Amazon. It is an affordable, almost indispensable tool for planners that you’ll enjoy using alongside your favorite sticker kits. Enjoy the many uses for washi as you continue to plan boldly, and be you.

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